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Bruno Pola - Desirieux (Fedora) Opera di Tokyo
Sede: Lungolago P.Roncaioli 117
6827 Brusino Arsizio Ticino - Svizzera
Tel: +41 91 966 03 04 +41 79 216 55 24
Email maestropola@gmail.com

With more than 3 decades as a professional singer and performer, Bruno Pola, singing teacher, conveys vocal technique and stage domain to students with all types of vocal ranges, thanks to his experience and his passion . World known Baritone, with a proven talent for teaching, helps his students develop their potential and their careers. He is a passionate teacher who cultivates his relations with students by focusing always on their interests. His native language is Italian, but dominates to perfection German, and besides this two languages teaches in Spanish and English.

Beyond teaching at his studio, he conducts specialization courses and masterclasses in other countries at theaters and cultural sites.

In addition to in-house courses and master classes held in other countries, at theaters and cultural venues.
The basic exercises are:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing (deep)
  • Vocals on vocal exercises to make sure the sound is smooth
  • Intonation exercises with intervals to educate hearing
  • Interpretation to master the roles and develop the expressiveness and confidence on stage.
  • Repertoire classes are performed with pianist to choose roles suited to voice and to prepare for competitions and auditions.